5 Steps to Re-Defining Your Ideal Client When No One Is Buying

5 Steps to Re-Defining Your Ideal Client When No One Is Buying

Have you ever put together amazing content or lead magnets for your target audience and not one single opt-in?

Or what about those life-changing offers you stayed up until 3 am perfecting because you knew this is what your tribe was needing and waiting for not one person signed up?

If this sounds familiar you are not alone. I have (raises hand) and I can tell you it is the worst feeling. And I won't even go into the Jedi tricks my mind would start with like “I knew they wouldn’t sign up” or “maybe you are not cut out for this”.

As an entrepreneur just starting out I lived on the deserted island between if she can do it so can I and desperation isle. And it didn't help that I followed every coach and guru and their coaches and gurus to what I hoped would be the promised land filled with endless paying clients but end up more like one large credit card bill and the annoying debt collectors calling me for their money.

It wasn’t until I started to really focus and pay attention to who I wanted to serve and what they needed most. I will be completely transparent and admit that I skipped right over the part when my many coaches said I needed to drill down my target audience.

Instead, I created what I felt like they needed and that was where I failed time and time again. But when I finally got tired of hearing crickets and decided to learn more about my ideal client things started to change for the better.

My email list started to grow, I began converting my ideal clients into paying customers and I finally found my tribe, my crew, my people who showed and was ready for all that I had to offer.

So what did I do differently?

I took the time to re-define my target audience and what I found was truly mindblowing. I didn’t have one ideal client I had two.

There I was creating content with both of them in mind and what I really need to do was separate them and get super clear and specific on what was offering them each of them but separately.

For example, one of my ideal clients we will call her Janet is in the startup phase in her business. Janet is a content writer/editor who’s ideal clients are business coaches and speakers who want to write their first books. Janet is struggling to attract business coaches and speakers online who want to write their first book.

The content/lead magnets/offers that I would create for Janet would all be about attracting clients and list building.

My second ideal client, we will call her Lisa is in the scale-up phase. Lisa is working with paying clients but she is on what I like to call the hamster wheel of marketing. When Lisa needs money or clients she is promoting/launching, then she is working with those clients. When those clients are done she is back on that hamster wheel of promoting and launching. The way Lisa is running her business is burning her out.

The content/lead magnets/offers I would create for Lisa would be all about marketing automation and funnels.

The lesson I learned is that you can have more than one ideal client but you cannot market to them the same way. When you know your ideal client(s) you can create compelling content that speaks directly to their issues, problems and pain points.

When you know who you serve it’s so much easier to create an offer that will address their needs and make it easier for your ideal clients to understand why they should work with you.

Imagine how amazing it would be to put out valuable content that will leave your ideal clients wanting more.

If you are struggling to get clients and/or you hear crickets when you put out new content, a lead magnet or an offer there is a good chance you are not super clear on who you serve or what they really want and need.

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The following five steps will help you get super clear on your ideal client(s). 

1) Who do you serve?

How old is your Ideal Client? This can be an age range like (18 - 30 or 25 - 50, etc).

What is the gender of your ideal client?

Is your client male or female. This will make all the difference in your marketing message. The way you sell to women is different from the way you would sell to men. If you serve both men and women be sure your marketing message speaks to both genders.

What does your ideal client do for a living? Is she/he a corporate professional? Is she a stay at home mom? Is she/he a small business owner?

What is your ideal client personally interested in? Does she like fashion? Is he into sports? How do they spend their time online?

2) What are your client's goals and aspirations?

What does she/he want more than anything? Does she want to lose weight or get healthier? Does he want more personal freedom or career change?

3) What does your client secretly fear?

Is she afraid to tell her story? Is she scared of failure or success? Does he fear commitment?

4) What problems is your ideal client having?

Does she have health issues due to her being overweight? Is his relationship in jeopardy?

Will she have to get a job if her business doesn’t work out?

5) Where does your ideal client hang out?

Does she spend most of her time on Facebook or Instagram? Is he mostly on LinkedIn.

6) How will you help them?
What is your solution to their problem? What is something you can create or maybe even already have (course, program, product) to help them? The solution you provide is their big win.

Now, what can you take from or create that relates to your course, program or product that can solve a small part of their problem quickly right now? I like to call this an instant (small) win.

An instant (small) win could be:

  • CheckList of healthy replacement foods to help you lose your first 5 lbs.
  • Rock your Facebook Livestream in 5 simple steps.
  • Learn how to meditate in just 5 mins per day.

The instant (small) wins are lead magnets you can use to attract your ideal client that will lead them to your offer funnel where you will offer them the big win solution.

These quick instant wins will help show your ideal client not only that they are capable of solving their bigger problem but it also shows them that you are the person to help them solve it.

Be sure that your instant win ties back to the big win, your solution, the course, program, and product you will sell to them.

If after following the above steps you feel as if you have another ideal client(s) go through steps 1-6 and create your send client avatar.

Answering the above questions will help you to better understand your ideal client(s) so you can create content, lead magnets and offers to better serve to them. 

I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below letting me know about your ideal client experience.

Real Pain Points and Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs

Real Pain Points and Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs

Real Pain Points and Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs

I hosted a workshop here in Houston and was surprised by the number of women who had no idea what a lead magnet, landing page or sales funnel was.

When I saw their eyes starting to gloss over I stopped talking and asked if anyone in the room knew or used any of the tools and software I mentioned to market their businesses online.

I was shocked and embarrassed when no one raised their hand. Being an entrepreneur of 9+ years had somehow made it easy for me to forget that not everyone is starting off from where I am.

It was a humbling lesson for me to teach people from where I was not from where I am today. After the workshop, I surveyed those same women entrepreneurs, as well as a few others, asking them about their pain points and obstacles of running an online business.

According to the survey results, the most common issues among women entrepreneurs are online marketing, various systems and software, skills and having the support they need all while bootstrapping their online businesses.

232 women entrepreneurs and aspiring women entrepreneurs advised their biggest challenge with technology is the lack of training around online tools and software.

Many of the women surveyed stated that keeping up with all the technology and software changes made them feel like they needed to be an all-knowing expert just to keep up. And many of them added that it was not only frustrating but overwhelming.

With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram changing up their algorithms every other month and new software popping up on the scene daily it is hard for even those of us who are tech-savvy to keep up.

Not all entrepreneurs are tech savvy nor do they need to be to run a successful online business. However, it is very important to have some basic knowledge and training on what are the best software and systems to use and how they can help your business succeed.

Technology can make or break an online business.

It is imperative that women entrepreneurs embrace and implement smart yet simple software to help in the automation of their online businesses.

In the Tech Savvy Academy, I teach and share smart business tools and actionable strategies to help tech challenged women entrepreneurs to move past overwhelm to learning how to implement savvy simple systems to start, grow or scale their online businesses with ease.

Here are 5 tech tools I teach challenged women entrepreneurs how to incorporate into their online business.

1) G Suite by Googe Cloud {Branded Email, Google Suite & Google Drive}
Google G-Suite better known as Google Apps is great for small business owners. For $5 you get Google Drive for online document storage, branded email, calendar, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms all in one place. What I love most is that you can access G-Suite from any device.

2) CANVA {DIY Graphic Design} - If you are a new entrepreneur starting out and do not have a budget to hire and graphic design just yet Canva is a great tool to have. It super easy to learn with lots of free templates and layouts.

The free version works perfectly for beginners. Canva also offers an At Work version that unlocks several shortcuts and features for $12.00 per month. Canva can be used for creating social media graphics and images, social media cover images, documents and for creating lead magnets.

3) HOOTSUITE {Social Media Management} - When it comes to managing your social media, Hootsuite is the easiest user-friendly option around. It allows you to manage and schedule Twitter Posts, Facebook Posts, LinkedIn Posts, Youtube Videos, and Instagram Images all in one place.

Hootsuite also provides some pretty cool social analytics and an awesome bulk scheduler that will allow you to schedule a week's worth of social media posts. The free version only allows a certain number of accounts to be managed. You can unlock the pro version for $15 per month.  

4) LEADPAGES {DIY Landing Page Design} - Creating landing pages has never been so easy. Leadpages offers a very smart and simple solution for tech-challenged women to create professional looking landing pages with a wide variety of templates to choose from.

5) CONVERTKIT {Email Automation} - ConvertKit is the simplest email marketing software on the planet. The ability to create your sales funnels with ease is more than enough reason to sign up. ConvertKit easily integrations with the likes of Leadpages and others applications and software.

Starting a small business is challenging enough, throw in some technology, other software, and social media into the mix and it can all seem pretty overwhelming and even defeating to a startup and/or tech challenged entrepreneur.

If you are tech-challenged remember you don't have to do everything all at once.

Create a plan for yourself and allow some time to get allocated to the software and tools. And be sure to use them daily because you will get better over time.

If you can afford to hire a virtual assistant to help with setting up and managing software I say do it but it is important that you know at least the basics of any software or system you have in your business. The last thing you want is for your VA to go MIA and you are left there with tech you know nothing about.

If you don't have the funds to hire a VA just yet ask a friend's high school or college age children for help. Bring them on as an intern and in return, you can teach them about business or entrepreneurship.

Being a tech-challenged entrepreneur is not as bad as it seems because if you are open and willing to learn a whole new world is waiting for you.

If you would like to learn how to use various online software to manage and market your small business online and be supported by liked minded entrepreneurs head over to the Tech Savvy Academy. It’s a monthly membership and can be canceled at any time.

I would love to hear about your tech challenges. What technology, systems and/or software have you implemented to help grow your online business?

Attract Your Ideal Clients Faster by Niching Your Small Business


3 steps to defining your small business niche

Many people think of business niches as an old school thing of the past. But there is one thing I know for sure and that is niching a small business is one of the fundamental keys to attracting more of your ideal clients online.

With over 3+ million people using the internet today and 75% of those same people are using social media. Niching your small business is not only smart but essential if you want to attract your ideal clients online with ease.

Social Media Stats 2018

Think about the last time you searched for something on Google, Siri or Alexa, did you search in very vague broad terms or was it specific? I will bet my bottom dollar it was the later.

This weekend my family and I were traveling and we wanted a good dessert after dinner. My son suggested cupcakes.

I Googled “cupcakes” and found a few cupcake shops in the area of our hotel. Did you notice that I did not search for after dinner desserts? Yes, that is what we were after, however, my search we very specific to what my family wanted, cupcakes.

Your ideal clients are searching the internet in the same way for their wants and needs.


Niching your small business will not only make it easier for them to find you it will also put you in a very specialized field as an expert.


If you are worried that you are already calling yourself a business coach or whatever and don't want to change your title yet again, Don’t. That is worry about it.

When I started my first online business in 2009 I was a Virtual Assitant, and then a business coach and then a mindset coach and then an online visibility strategist and now an Online Marketing Automation Specialist.

And you know what, my clients could give a shit about what I am called, their only concern is that I help them solve their problem.

Entrepreneurs are also not niching their businesses because they are afraid they will miss out on the money. The truth is not everyone is your ideal client. Not everyone wants or needs what you have to offer. Selling and offering your products and services to a wide range of people will not make you more money.


In fact, you will make less than you would from becoming an expert in a niche area.


An example of this is:

  • Business Coach, very broad vs Client Attraction Coach, someone who helps entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients, much better.
  • Business Strategist, very broad vs Online Course Creation Strategist, someone who helps entrepreneurs how to create online courses, much better.
  • Project Manager, very broad vs Launch Manager, someone how helps coaches launch online programs and courses, much better.

Looking at the examples above will clearly help you see how you can attract your ideal clients with ease by niching your broad business down a few notches.

Let’s walk through three steps to help you better define and or determine your small business niche.





Realizing your passion is the first step. When we are passionate about a thing we put our whole selves into it. It's harder to give up on something we are passionate about.

Passion will hold us over long after the honeymoon of the startup has faded. There will be other tasks that come along during the growth of your business that you may not like very much, this is when your original or pure passion will almost always kick in to give you the boost you need to get through it.

TAKE ACTION: Make a list of all the things you are passionate about.

You may enjoy doing different things, however, passion is stronger than enjoyment. For this purpose be sure to list only your passions.

STEP TWO: YOUR SKILLS AND TALENTS What is your superpower? What are you good at? I know many people struggle with identifying their skills and talents. It is helpful to think back to all the things your colleges, friends, and family come to you for. Feel free to ask others what the things your talents are.

TAKE ACTION: Make a list of your skills and talents. Do not hold back when writing this list. It is also very imperative that you do not list things you are not so great at. For example, if you suck at your own finances, you may not want to list finance management as your skill or talent.

STEP THREE: WHAT WILL PEOPLE PAY TO DO Now that you know what you're passionate about and where your skills and talents lie; what will people pay you to do? People will pay to have a problem solved. What problem, can you solve or help with? People also pay for convenience and quality. Be sure to keep those three things in the back of your mind for this next action.

TAKE ACTION: Take a few moments to do some online research. Look at the # 1 best selling books on Amazon, check out the top retreats and workshops people are attending, what problems are success coaching solving. All of these things will give you a hint of what people are willing to invest in.




Which of your passions lines up with your skills/talents that people are willing to pay for? Your answer is your small business niche.

This process may take some time and like me, you may have to do it several times until you come to a niche that not only makes sense to you but is also needed in the market.

I've created a worksheet specifically to help you find their small business niche you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE. Remember to be patient with yourself throughout the process.

As always, I only want to add value. If you found this article informative or it if helped you in any way, please feel free to share with others.