The Reason I Walked Away from Business Coaching After Investing Over 50k

  • By Lakisha Sarbah
  • 29 Dec, 2015

Do I continue down the path of business coach because I invested over $50k in coaching and training or do I follow my passion?

Have you ever been presented with two different paths in life and had to choose one?

I've recently decided to take a different path in my business. I started down the path of becoming a business coach and soon realized that I was not a very good business coach. In fact, I sucked at it. In another blog post, I explained why I Suck as a Business Coach  you can read it here .

Even though I sucked at it I felt stuck. I had already invested over $50K in certifications, coaches, programs, courses and branding for a new website. If I turned in an entirely different direction now people would think I was a flake. Not to mention I was already working with clients who were counting on me to coach them. But there was one problem.

I didn't enjoy the process of coaching my clients. The coaching process to me was much like watching paint dry.

Many of the women I worked with were looking for an immediate solution to solve their business concerns and coaching was such a slow process. I knew exactly why their businesses were not rendering the results they wanted. It was hard for me to not provide them with the well-defined strategy and plan of action I had for them in my head.

I found myself at crossroads. Do I continue down the path of coaching or do I follow my passion and do what comes so natural for me? I decided to follow my passion and I am so happy I did.  I was completely honest with my clients and explained my passion and how I could better assist them as a strategist/consultant.

After explaining the difference between a coach and a consultant all of them jumped at the opportunity to have me as their business strategist/consultant.  I go in to detail about the difference between a business coach and a business consultant in my blog post  Business Coaching vs Business Consulting you can read it here .

I was completly amazed by the results my clients received from our consulting sessions in such a short period of time.

Working with my clients in my area of genius (strategy and implementation) instantly provided results that would have taken months through the coaching process. Business consulting quickly allows me to assess, recommending and implementing systems and processes to help automate and streamline my client's online business marketing.

Although I am no longer coaching I do believe coaching is very effective. I have worked with a Mindset Coach and two different Business Coaches who were both brilliant. I am now working with an Intuitive Coach and have plans to work with a health coach in the coming year.

Some entrepreneurs and small business owners like to be coached through the process. While others prefer to have a well-crafted plan designed and implemented for them. Choosing business consulting over business coaching has taught me a valuable lesson.

Choosing to walk away from  business coaching has been life changing for me. I wake up every day doing what I love. I get to work in my area of genius which is constantly elevating and enhancing my talents, skills, and abilities.

Have you ever started down one path and ended up going in another direction? Or maybe you are currently doing something you no longer have a passion for.  I would love to hear your story, please share with me in the comments below.

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