The Power Of Making A Decision

  • By Lakisha Sarbah
  • 05 Feb, 2016

The power behind making that very decision has forever changed my life. 

As entrepreneurs, we are faced with many choices each day.  From who we serve and how we serve them to which coach or business professional we choose for ourselves. Our online marketplace is a never ending sea of choices that can at times make it very hard to make a decision.

When I started my first business 7 years ago I was all over the place. I wasn't running my business, my business was running me.

 I found myself resenting my clients and waiting to just give up.

And then I remembered my WHY, the very reason I wanted to become an entrepreneur was to have more freedom so I could live my life on my terms.

At that moment, I made the decision to start running my business differently and incorporated a very organized way of handling things. The power behind making that very decision has forever changed my life. Not only did I take control of my business, my mindset shifted which prompted me to make changes in other areas of not only my business but also in my life.

I was free from the stress. I moved past my fear. I gain more confidence in myself and in my business.

I began to realize my making a decision and acting upon it cases ripple like effects to take place in so many other areas. It's what I like to call the  Power of Making a Decision . Many times we don't make decisions because we are afraid to make a mistake and choose wrong. What we don't realize is that not making a decision can be the biggest mistake of all. My mistakes have been some of my greatest teachers. 

If you find yourself straddling the fence when it's time to make a decision in your small business remember that by making a decision you are using your power of choice . That choice will either be a great payoff or it will be an amazing lesson. Either way you've exercised your power to make a decision which will leave you feeling confident and liberated from fear.

Are you currently weighing your options regarding a business decision? If you would like to talk it out feel free to schedule a FREE clarity session with me HERE today.

I would love to hear from you. What decisions will you finally make in your small business? Please post your comments below. I only wish to share valuable content. If you found what you have read of any value, please share on your favorite social media sites.
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