The Coaching Addiction


Do you find yourself working with coach after coach, signing up for program after program and subscribing to various things trying to keep up with the latest list building tricks, marketing tactics only to find it hard to focus on moving your business forward? 

If you’ve answered yes, you may be suffering from a case of coaching addiction. Yes, you read that right, coaching addiction is, in fact, a real thing.

In today’s episode, we’re going to pull the curtain back on something I see so many women entrepreneurs struggling within the online market space and that is coaching addiction

Please know, I am not saying that all coaches, courses and/or programs suck or that it is the coach's fault for this widespread pandemic of coaching addiction. 

As an ex-coaching addict, I take full responsibility for my action of pressing the buy and subscribe button. No one made me do it, I did it to myself. Let me share my personal experience with you. 

Back in 2014, I ventured out to start my second business. That’s when I was introduced to the coaching world. I was so excited to find experts who could help me crafted the vision I had for my business. After bootstrapping my Virtual Assistant business with zero help from anyone, I welcomed coaching with opened arms.

I began working with my first business coach who was recommended by one of my VA Clients. The coach shared tons of value that helped point me in the right direction for my business. But there were still some things I felt like I needed to know.

I moved on and started working with another coach, this time in a program. In that program, I also learned some great strategies and concepts. I incorporated those into my new business and went out to learn even more things from other coaches, courses, and programs. 

Can you see where I am going with this? I work with several different Coaches, consultants, and strategists who specialize in business, marketing, sales, and mindset. I also enrolled in various programs and courses over an 8 month period. 

I remember after investing over $50,000+ in eight months, my husband asked me to share with him what I learned and how I plan to incorporate it into your new business. I was so excited he asked, but when I went to tell him I didn’t know where to start. I was so overloaded with information I had a hard time even understanding where to start myself.

That’s when I decided not to invest another penny until I got super clear on how I was going to use the information I already had to move my business forward. I literally created a 12 step program and helped myself overcome my coaching addiction.

Want in on the 12 steps? I am super siked to share it with you. The following is my 12 step process to overcome coaching addiction and the information overload that comes with it.

My name is Lakisha Sarbah and I’m an ex-coaching addict. I was addicted to coaches, courses, and programs. I love to learn new things so it is very easy for me to wrap myself up in anything that promotes personal and professional development. Learning is awesome, but when you are hiding behind it and not taking action to move your business forward, it’s only a front.

The real deal is I was afraid to put myself out there. I feared I would fail, I felt like a fraud and I wasn’t all that confident. I used my love for learning as an excuse for not showing up in my business and doing the actual work. The first step I took was not only realizing that I was hiding I admitted it to myself and said it out loud.

Step One:
Admit it to yourself. Are you hiding like I was? Are you afraid of putting yourself out there? Are you using coaching, courses, and programs as a way to keep you from moving forward and showing up in your business? 

Or maybe it’s something else for you. Whatever it is it starts with being open and honest with yourself. Owning up to your mess is the only way we can fix it. If you are investing in coach after coach and program after program and not seeing a return on your investment that's a real issue.

Step Two: Forgive yourself. Remember you are a spirit living a human experience. Know that this has happened to the best of us. Now that you know what the problem is you can fix it.

Step Three: Take back your power. In order to get focused you’ll want to cut out all the things that are distracting you. Let’s start with all those emails you are receiving from the things you have subscribed to. Like with the big shiny object syndrome, just unsubscribe.

The emails will only be a continued distraction. By unsubscribing, you are taking your power back so you can get focused and down to business.

Step Four: Stop subscribing. That’s all there is to it. Many of us are triggered while on social media. During the 12 step process, limit your time of social media. Write out specific tasks you need to accomplish and set a timer for yourself so you don’t get stuck there. Facebook is like a big black hole for me, I can really lose myself and several hours if I’m not careful. I set a timer for 15-30 minutes depending on what I have to do.

When you are on social media and you see an offer ask yourself is this really what need right now? We only sign up for things because it has now become a habit or we think we need it. Trust me when I say a freebie no matter how valuable may solve one problem, but it will then present a few more and will keep you going back.

Step Five: Review the goals you have for your business. What do you need to learn and/or obtain in order to achieve your goals? Make a list of all the personal and professional development programs and courses you’ve purchased. Knowing this will help you to make better decisions about your investments in the future.

Step Six: Sent an intention to complete the program or course you have already purchased. Remember to work on one program or course at a time.

Step Seven: Schedule time to get things done. Make time to complete courses and programs you purchased and work on them based on their priority (which do you need to learn and implement first to achieve your goals faster). Add them to your calendar by priority and be sure to schedule enough time to fully get through it.

Step Eight: After the completion of each course create a plan of action to implement what you learned in the course.

Step Nine: Take action to implement what you learned. This may include you outsourcing some of the work to people on your team or hiring a VA to help you.

Step Ten: Go back to your professional development list and mark off the course you completed. 

Step Eleven: Celebrate! It doesn’t matter how small or large always remember to celebrate your wins.

Step Twelve: Review your goals and your professional development list. It will help you to honestly address your needs before investing in a new coach, course and/or program by asking yourself these questions: 
  • Will it help me achieve my business goals faster? 
  • Will it add value to my business?
  • Can afford to invest?
After completing the 12 step program those coaches, courses, and programs that once triggered you will no longer be a factor. By implementing what you’ve learned and taking action in your business you will no longer keep signing up for the same type of things over and over again. 

I sincerely hope this adds value to your life and business. Be sure to download your Personal and Professional Development Spreadsheet! No opt-in required….

Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you so much for listening. If you found this podcast episode helpful please give it a review and share with everyone!

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Motivational Minute: In order to overcome a thing we have to go through it. I know it may seem almost impossible but I promise you it can be done. When your passion and purpose are bigger than your fears and excuses, you will always find a way.

Remember, anything worth having is worth fighting for. Never give up on your dreams. Keep going, you're almost there! I believe in you. You got this!

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