How to Crush Your Goals in 90-Days or Less

  • By Lakisha Sarbah
  • 12 Jan, 2017

Welcome to the new wave of small business achievement.

During this time of the year, entrepreneurs and small business owners are in the process of creating their goals for 2017. Many will set long unattainable textbook style goals which will leave them feeling unfulfilled and unaccomplished. Don't end up like them, instead join the new school way of setting and achieving your goals in 90-days or less.

If you are ready to set and crush your goals in 2017 keep reading. If you are not ready to accomplish your goals and like falling short, stop right here and continue doing what you are doing.

6 Steps to Crushing Your Goals in 90-Days


Decide on ONE GOAL you would like to achieve over the next 90 days . Do you see the emphasis on ONE GOAL? Yes, only choose ONE GOAL to focus on for the next 90 days. This does not mean you can't work on other things in your business. This means that you are giving ONE GOAL a priority and will work to achieve it over the next 90 days.

When setting your goal ensure that you use the S.M.A.R.T GOAL rules . It must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relatable, and Trackable. An example of a S.M.A.R.T GOAL is Launch Group Program by March 31, 2017, and enroll 10 women entrepreneurs to generate $10,000.

The above goal is very specific to Launching a Group Program, Enrolling 10 women to generate $10,000 is a way to measure the goal. Ensure your goal is attainable, something you can do in a 90-Day period. Make sure it is relatable to your business and other goals. The date March 31, 2017, gives the goal an end date which makes it trackable.


Now that you have decided on your 90-Day Goal, it's time to break your goal down into manageable projects .  Write out a list of the projects you will need to complete in order to achieve your 90-Day GOAL. It always helps me to start from the end and work my way to the beginning. Imagine that you have already achieved your goal. What would that look like? How would it feel? What would you need to do to make that happen? Start from there.

I also find it helpful to write out everything and keep it in one place for easy access and reference. The project planning worksheet in The 90-Day Action Planner is perfect for this exercise. You can DOWNLOAD it here .

Going back to our example above, in order to achieve the goal of launching a group program by March 2017 and enrolling 10 women entrepreneurs to generate $10,000 we would need to complete the following projects:

  • Group Program Outline
  • Group Program Sales Page
  • Group Program Webinars

This is not an all-inclusive list of projects needed to create a group program, but it gives you an idea of how you will need to break down your goal.

After listing out all your projects take a few moments to prioritize them. I created a 90-Day Action Planner to help me organize my projects, you can download it here.


Starting with the first project, go back into breakdown mode to drill down the project into actionable tasks. What actions will you need to take in order to complete the project? Make a list all these action tasks. It doesn’t matter if you know how to do the tasks or not, write them down away.

In The 90-Day Action Planner , there is also a very helpful worksheet for listing out your action tasks, you can DOWNLOAD it here .

Here is an example of how to drill down your projects into actionable tasks:

Project - Sales Page

  • Write Content
  • Design Sales Page
  • Select Images
  • Create Call to Action

Project  - Webinars

  • Design Sign Up Page
  • Build Out Webinar Email Funnel
  • Write Content for Presentation
  • Design Presentation

Again, this is not an all-inclusive list of what you would need to create a group program, it is an example to provide you with an idea of how you will need to drill down your projects. After making a list of all your tasks take a few moments to prioritize them.


In order to achieve your 90-Day GOAL, you must be willing to open up to receiving help . Let's face it, you cannot do everything yourself. Any successful business owner will tell you they focus on what they do best and delegate the rest .

I know you may be thinking that you cannot afford to get the help you need. But the reality is you cannot afford not to. There are some very qualified Virtual Assistants located right here in the good old USA for as little as $6.96 per day . You can even outsource tasks like graphic design, landing/sales pages, webinar presentations and much more to creative experts on websites like and I am in no way an affiliate to either site but I have used them in my business and I know how much of a help they were to me.

Now highlight the tasks from your task list that can be delegated to a team member, virtual assistant or contractor. After selecting the tasks, delegate them immediately before you have time to give it a second thought . When delegating, give very clear instructions on what, where, how and when you would like the task to be completed. Do not leave a stone unturned. As a good rule of thumb, act as if you are giving these instructions to your 3rd grader, make them super simple.


As you are working through your tasks it is very important to remember to focus on one task at a time. If you are an avid multi-tasker, this may seem a little foreign to you at first but I promise there is a really good reason behind it .

When you are multitasking or doing multiple things at once, it is called task switching which makes your brain work harder and actually causes you to be less productive .

When you are working on one task and start working on another task at the same time, you will lose focus on the original task. You may think you are being efficient, but all you are really doing is slowing down your productivity . Tasks that require you to do some brainstorming and/or have a thought process require more focus.

Think of your brain like the CPU of your computer. Every time you turn the computer on and off, it is affecting its efficiency. The computer has to process that it is being turned off. It makes sure all your files are saved and then it will safely turn itself off. When the computer is turned back on, it boots itself up by going through all the necessary operating systems.

The same thing happens to your brain every time you try to do more than one thing at a time. When you switch from one task to the next task and then to the next task, you are burning your poor brain out .

If you can put all of your focus into doing one task at a time, it can prove to be more productive and will help you achieve your goals faster.


After you have completed all your tasks associated with the project, go back and select another project. Continue this process until all your projects are complete which will result in your achieving your goal!

Remember to celebrate your 90-Day success, select your next 90-Day GOAL and repeat steps 1 through 6.

This process along with The 90-Day Action Planner has helped me not only to stay on top of my business goals, projects, and tasks, it has also helped me hold myself accountable for taking massive action and getting things done.

In Case you missed the other links, you can DOWNLOAD your free 90-Day Action Planner HERE .

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