Andrea Swearington
Lakisha Sarbah has been nothing less then extraordinary. She can unlock the perfect strategy for your business to thrive! She is professional, heart centered and pure genius. 

She showed me exactly what to do to create my roadmap to success! I am personally and professionally in a much better place because of her awesomeness!! -Andrea

Lakisha got everything that was stuck in my head out. She was able to help me clearly see that I did know what I was doing, I just needed to talk it out so that I could see what next steps were needed to implement. 

She was very thorough and strategic in her methodology and planning. She let me know where I should attack for the most effective and efficient results. I loved my session with her and will come back for checkups. 
Sharitta Marshall

Coach T. Bankston
The last several months working with Lakisha has really stretched me as a Life Coach! She has done wonders helping me to reach, stretch, and grow to the next level! 
Lakisha has encouraged me, prodded me, and helped me to understand the basics and the need to stay connected to changing technology.   I am now more inclinded to use Periscope, Blab, Tweet, live stream and blog to get that global presence necessary to excel in the Life Coaching industry. 

Her professionalism, follow-through, and encouragement has made a huge impact in how I conduct business and my online presence. Her one liner, "Stop being a best kept secret" resonated in my spirit and really pushed me forward. 

Thank you so my Lakisha! You went above and beyond for me. I have worked with a lot of coaches. And my experience with you was worth more than its weight in gold. So much joy! Your style of coaching is what my soul needed. - Natasha Sanders, Irresistible Scents 

LaKisha has been walking me through strategy for my business for about a year. My business literally doubled as soon as she started working with me! The tools, skills and ideas that have developed from working with her are simply priceless. I could not have the kind of expansive and awesome vision I currently have for my business or frankly my life purpose without her. From the logistics to every piece of the technology necessary to harness your business, she has a strong knowledge base in all of it.

Lakisha is extremely knowledgeable and knows every possible aspect of connecting with clients and creating success. Moreover, she has an instinctual, intuitive ability to guide and direct you to the best possible outcomes that work for you and your business.
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