• By Lakisha Sarbah
  • 22 Dec, 2015

While I respect the art of coaching and appreciate all that I have learned I will admit coaching is not for me. 

Back in 2009, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I walked away from my well paying yet stressful corporate career and accidentally started and bootstrapped a virtual assistant business from zero to 6 figures in under 16 months.

In 2012 I went through a period of struggling with fear associated with my anxiety disorder. I was faced with a decision I was afraid to make. I didn't want to make the wrong decision so I made no decision at all. As a result, my six-figure Virtual Assistant Business dwindled away to nothing.

With the help of an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach, I was able to move past my fear and learn how to deal with my anxiety. 

I restart my business and within 6 months I was back on top.

While working in my business I began to notice many of my clients were having the same kinds of issues with fear and those fears were holding them back. I worked with many of them to move past their roadblocks of fear and created a simple strategy with a plan of action to help them stay on course.

With the recommendation of a client, I began working with her business coach who advised me that I should become a business coach/mentor to women entrepreneurs. I did enjoy helping my clients overcome obstacles plus when a millionaire business coach tells you should become a coach, you listen or so I thought. 

I went on to receive my NLP Practitioner Certification, I became a Certified Business Coach and I started working with clients right away as a business coach. 

And then I quickly realized, coaching was not for me. Here's why...

Coaching to me is like watching paint dry. It is slow and I don't feel very effective doing it. During coaching sessions with clients, I know immediately what their challenges were. I knew why many of them were stuck and not moving forward in their businesses. But of course, as a coach, I am supposed to allow the client to come to those realizations. 

After each session I found myself creating a personalized strategy and plan of actions for each client because I needed to get them out of my head. During this same time I had the opportunity to work with a Strengths Finder Coach Dr. Lisa Matthews and after taking the strengths finder test I learned my top five strengths are: 1. Strategic 2. Positive 3. Relator 4. Activator and 5. Communicator.

I began to use my top five strengths while working with my clients. We began doing more strategy, planning, and implementation, then coaching. As a result, my clients were taking action and moving forward in their businesses. I knew I was no longer coaching my clients, I had fully transitioned into business consulting.

Now, I respect the art of coaching because when it's done correctly coaching is and can be very effective. When I needed it most coaching really worked for me. Although coaching has become a very over saturated market, there are some really great coaches still out there. I have worked with a few of them. However; I will admit I am not one of them. 

I thrive on strategy, planning, implementation and helping my clients take massive action. If you are wondering if working with a business consultant is right you and your business, feel free to schedule a complimentary clarity session with me today .

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please comment below, and as always, if you found this information useful please share the love.
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