How to Repurpose Your Blog Articles to Increase Online Visbility

  • By Lakisha Sarbah
  • 08 Apr, 2016

Let's face it, in order for you and your business to thrive online you must have online visibility. 

Are you struggling to increase your online visibility? START BLOGGING NOW! Your blog articles are a great way to get your content out in front of your ideal clients and increase your visibility online. I'm sure many of you are saying Blogging? YES, blogging can help you to increase your online visibility, especially if you are repurposing your blog articles.

If you're like most people who struggle with coming up with content, repurposing your articles will give your business new life! Instead of coming up with several different content ideas you can focus your time and energy on creating evergreen ideas that you can repurpose and share all over the Internet.

Let's face it, in order for you and your business to thrive online you must have online visibility. These 5 steps will help you repurpose your content all while gaining more online visibility.

Repurpose Blog Articles in 5 Steps

1) Other Platforms.  Repurposing your articles on LinkedIn, Medium, Social Media Today and other Blog platforms will allow you to get your content in front of other audiences and broaden your online visibility

2) Livestream.  Using Facebook Live, Periscope, Blab.Im, YouTube, Google Hangout Onair you can take your content to a live audience, which will also broaden your online visibility.

3) Podcast.  Turn your blog article into a podcast episode. This again will get your content in front of yet another entirely different audience.

4) Email Your List.  Share the article in an email  to your list. You can even create a newsletter around your blog's topic.

5) Social Media Posts.  Break down your blog content and use it for your social media post across all the platforms you are currently utilizing.

There you have it, a simple yet powerful way to get the maximum use from your blog articles. If you are not blogging, this may be a great reason to start!

Are you already purposing your blog articles or will you start blogging as a way to gain more online visibility? I would love to hear from you, please comment below. Did you find this  information helpful? If so please feel free to share using the buttons below.

About Lakisha Sarbah

Lakisha Sarbah is a skilled online visibility business strategist. She is passionate about teaching women entrepreneurs how to gain visibility online by leveraging the power of social media.

Lakisha has over 20 years of corporate training experience and has been an online entrepreneur for over 7 years. She envisions, defines, plans, and executes effective online strategies to drive business performance improvements and solutions for her clients.

When Lakisha is not working with entrepreneurs or facilitating mastermind groups, she enjoys traveling with her family. She is known as mommy to her 2 year old son Ayden Joshua and 25 year old daughter Alyshia J., and honey to her husband Frederick.

For more information about how you can work with Lakisha Sarbah visit her website at  .
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