5 Steps to Overcome The Fear of Livestreaming

  • By Lakisha Sarbah
  • 13 May, 2016

Is the fear of being seen holding you back from being great?

Does your heart race whenever you think about pressing that go live button? You are not alone, there are thousands if not millions of entrepreneurs just like you who have amazing value to share but cannot bring themselves to press that GO LIVE button.

I know the feeling personally. When I was first introduced to Periscope back in June of 2015 it was amazing and frightening at the same time. I spent hours watching other people's broadcasts. I found it exhilarating that people were sharing a side of themselves that we the viewers may not have seen otherwise. I knew I wanted to be a part of this new social movement, but I froze every time I went to press the broadcast button. My fear of being seen and or making a mistake had me paralyzed and trap in the spectator box. I finally made the decision to do it afraid. I moved through my fear and went LIVE on Periscope for the first time and it was the most freeing experience I have ever had.

Here are the 5 steps I took to move through my fear:

1) I made a list of all the awful things that could go wrong. Then I made a list of all the amazing things that could go right. After reviewing both lists I decided I could live with the awful things like, not having anyone show up for my broadcast, making a mistake, having something in my teeth, looking fat, etc. Making the two lists helped me see all the great benefits outweighed my insecurities and fear.

2) I decided if I was going to give this livestream thing a try I would go all and be consistent for 5 days. I went to my blog and selected 5 blog topics I thought were relevant and interesting. I broke the blog down and 5 lights 5 areas I could create into tips. Click here for more information on how to repurpose your blog articles .

3) I scheduled time on my calendar which made it even more real. I also invited my friends and clients to join me on Periscope and told them the days and times I would be going live. It was nice to have people I knew watching and supporting me. It helped me relax and enjoy the experience.
4) As other livestreaming platforms were being introduced to the online market, I embraced them with a new found confidence. I didn't give fear a chance to creep back in, I immediately tried the new livestreaming platforms to see what the had to offer.

5) Trying out several livestreaming platforms over the years live BLAB, Snapchat, Facebook LIVE and now Instagram Stories/LIVE , has allowed me the opportunity to test, try and select the best LIVESTREAMING platforms for my business.

Showing up and facing my fears of livestreaming has introduced me and my business to a whole new audience and a very powerful and affordable marketing tool. Livestream and video are must haves for the online entrepreneurs.If you are afraid to press the GO LIVE button, I encourage you to follow the above steps to move through your fears.

Livestreaming is a wonderful opportunity to share your story and connect with your ideal clients on an authentic level. Remember, people buy from people the know like and trust. Livestreaming is a great way to build and grow that connection in real time. But before you go live, be sure to check out my ' Before you Go Live / Facebook Live Video Checklist ' You can download it here .

Do you struggle with using Livestream, video or just putting yourself out there in general? I would love to hear from you. Please share your stories and experiences in the comments below. If you found this article of helpful please feel free to share it on your favorite social media platforms.

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